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  1. Rolf Östlund

    Petru ! friday 2013-08-09

    searched a bit on and “Romania” and some clicking back and forth, I came to your page
    unbleached, language that conveys something that can take time to pick up / in, it shines on every thing, no postmodern or modern art, looking back and forth, back and forth , is like not measured, why is it so far to Cluj in Romania! Your exhibitions to breastfed with others is incredibly beautiful what lovely rooms (
    Your books in different ways talk too, becomes a little interested in your driver/incentive (Christ)
    Have you found faith in adulthood, or….?

    Greetings from
    Rolf Östlund,
    Örebro, Sweden
    who is an amateur but likes to make pictures “with meaning” ….

    Please look at an Swedish artmaker Janeric Johansson (a friend)

    1. janeric johansson

      I m touched by your words, warm and deep. Thank you!
      I m impressed by your art , too. I apreciate your works. You are a very known one as I can percive…Your section paintings and installations are impressive.
      Cluj is not that far as China( you have a studio there)…Romania would be onored for you to visit. Me also !

      would be great to be in touch again,
      Petru Leahu
      ps sorry for xtra late reply. Tehnique is not my strongest point…
      by the way , tomorrow we ( about to have a surprising(hope) exibition. All works we exibit will be given as gift to the people wich will best describe the work concerned.


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